Positive vibration


In all my years, I have never been one with many friends, nor have i been close to many of my family members.

Similarly to my grandmother I am not lucky with female friends. The majority or either envious of the life they think you have or not happy with the life they have. The grass is not always green on the other side.

“You cannot wait to see them, and when you get there, you cant wait to leave.”

Family, you cannot chose them. Despite the pro’s and the cons of having family close, I am of the opinion that the further you are from some people, the better the relationship. Why associate yourself with people who are not supportive? Shed the baggage. There are also some folks that we call friends who never have anything positive to add to our lives.  Your work, appearance, partner is never good enough.

Do not be fooled by the negativity. these people do not want to see or know that you are doing better than they are.

Some people you just have to love  from a distance. Biological relationship does not mean you have to be best buddies, neither the number of years you have known someone. All that matters  is the impact these persons have made in your life. How wilt this person make me a better person?

How can i be a motivating factor in his/her life?

Continue to think positively and your life will begin to change. Remove all the dead weight and the negativity for you new beginning. Your reward will be a happy life.


Turning Tables

Let us reflect on where we are in life. Look at all the things you have accomplished so far? Does it gives you a sense of pride? I bet it does.

Over the years you might have various experiences to be where you are now. Think if the unkind people that you have encountered. The ones who have hit below the belt. Some people have a tendency to kick a man when he is down. t

Where is your humanity. Before you utter an unkind word, think, how you would have felt if the shoe was on the other foot. Life can be very easy once we stop making it complicated.

I remember when I was younger and lived with my mother for a while, I was the black sheep. Years later my life made a turn 360 and i was in a position that i could be of assistance. The help offered would seem as a lifetime opportunity by other – I did not cover it financially but was the route to the change.

Dwell not on your lows, but instead keep your eyes on your dreams and aspirations. Despite the unkind people in this world, who constantly remind you of your lows, keep pushing. Wherever you are now in life now is not permanent, it is temporary.

The stone that the builder refuses will ALWAYs be the head corner stone.

YOUR DAY WILL COME!! It might not be today but it will come

Conquering Fears

How many times have you second guessed an action? Several, I bet. So many times I am reluctant to try new things.

Well today is the day! It a perfect time to try something new! Let us do it together. Think of that one thing you have been meaning to do for a minute. It could be a simple going back to school or quitting your job.

Fear can be so crippling. For as long as I can remember I have been afraid of snakes. Now, I will not pretend to be a hero. If I am face to face with one, however, I will choose my battles wisely. Recently, I attended a nature show by Irvine Nature Center. The handler had an owl, frog, turtle and a snake. At the end of the presentation, there was a petting session.

On that day I conquered one of my fears. I held a snake.

In your life it might not be a snake but I challenge you to conquer your fears. One at a time. It is only then you will realize how powerful your mind is and only you can decide to change any conditions in your life or challenges.

You can do this!! 😀


Love warms the heart. Its thoughts broaden your face. At some point in our lives we have or will enjoy this feeling.

This emotion takes you in a daze. Then you will count your blessings and happiness. You creator has granted you your wish.

Enjoy it while it last. They do not all last forever. No love feels the same. Throughout your lifetime, you have loved different people and they all are different. It is hard to explain but there are indeed different levels of love.

Enjoy the moment and hope it lasts forever

White River

“Come to Jamaica and feel alright” This is one of the most common lines used in ads by several entities in the tourism industry.

Chukka Adrinalibe Outpost, St Mary should be at the top of your list! The activities available includes blue hole, tubing, zip and buggy.

Blue hole

One of many mini waterfalls…water was cold


Of all the activities, zip was my favorite. The lines at the park are better than most if not all offered on the island. One of the longest zip lines run over the river. It is a beautiful experience.

After completing all the activities lunch was included -rum punch, rice and bean with jerked chicken.

The group size determines what activity is next because the buggies are limited. If you intent to drive be sure to have your drivers license.

Take a trip to Chukka White river adventure park.

Thank me later.

Garden- perhaps flower

Rose garden -Minneapolis Minnesota

At the crack of dawn, foodie is starving. She watches him sleep for a couple minutes. Slowly, she pulls closer to his body for warmth,with a beaming smile. Then, she sits up in bed and uses her finger to play with his lashes.

Most definitely, by now he is starting to stir in bed and awaken from his sleep. Once his eyes are opened,she buries his face with kisses. This is not just because she is hungry, it the routine developed owing to the level of admiration.

Good morning is exchanged and the affection continued . “I’m famished honey” , stated the Mrs G.

“Baby it is 4am, what would you like to eat”.

“Perhaps cereal with warmed milk.”

He climbed out of bed, to prepare a meal for the woman whom he adores.

A couple minutes later the cereal bowl was empty and they both went back to sleep.

Life and happiness is never about the material gains. It is about the people you are surrounded by and their appreciation. Some men and women are in better financial positions than others but do not be too quick to chose them over someone who loves you despite your flaws.

At the end of the day, there is no better feeling than being with the one you love and you are happy. Not to worry, two people working together towards a common goal will reap the results.

Sow your seeds together.Later you will be rewarded.

The return

Uncertainty filled the air as pulled up to the house mid afternoon . It would be the first time I have spent twenty-four hours with his family for more than four hours. He is not expected to be home until another two long hours.

As I unlocked the car door, out came his brothers with open arms, who welcomed me to their home and assisted with my suitcases- everyone knew I was pregnant so I was only allow to lift my plate. When the car was unloaded, I said my hellos, took the keeps to my home for two weeks and left with my sister since I do not like being around strangers.

Two hours later, my baby daddy called to say he was on his way home. Numerous emotions and thoughts emerged. “Will this work? Will I fall in love with him? Am I willing to share space with someone I am just beginning to know?”

There I sat under the trees talking to my sister when a taxi pulled up. A dark 6ft 4″ tall, with a wide smile greeted me. I stood with a childish grin from ear to ear as he walked towards me. He planted a gentle kiss on my forehead, hugged me tightly while I tip toed to meet his lips. For about five minutes, we stood,held each other, and reflected on he life we had planned for ourselves vs our reality. A couple months ago we were total strangers and in three days we were about to be husband and wife -parents of an unplanned child we both welcomed.

We were never in-love. We were happy a good time that lead to life changing decisions for the betterment of our child.

Love takes time. It’s a process not a goal. Love is something that needs to be nurtured. But if there is one thing I urge you to start immediately it’s focus on bringing out the best in each person on your team. When you love someone you want the best for him. You want him to shine. And the best way to do this is to help him discover the value inside him.

Jon Gordon

Truth behind “I’m just kidding”

The beginning of the revelation

Fresh out of school,without a job and not much family around. I journeyed nine hours to be with paternal cousins- who at the time was considered siblings. This was supposed to be my safe haven to figure things out and determine the next step. It was either moving back to my mother or being roommate with my cousins.

It was finally decided that this would be my location until a decision was final. During the times at this said family, my child’s father and I started to create a relationship since we had a child on the way. We talked for hours at at time owing the him being on vacation during this period.

My ex would continue to call from and sought negative attention. For me it was never about living a life where everything was handed. I chose to involve my child’s father then to shun him and allow another man to be called dad – who at the time thought he had more to offer my child then the biological dad. (Financially speaking)

One day a comment was made “Yuh caah set me up pan one a yuh ex?” I shook my head and smiled. For me, this was unheard of, why would a family member want to date my ex? I do understand that I have always been given everything I wanted but can you not find someone of your own?

This stay lasted for a total of 9 days not consecutively, because I was between my first hometown for the last four years which was 8 hours away from my cousin’s place.

During the period my child’s father and I began to plan our lives together. I was no longer interested in reconciling and having a live with a man who was sterile for material gains but with one who the world thought would not be able to play his role effectively.

I left for Jamaica in the early hours of the morning on a one way ticket.

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Truth and lies

Never feel that you owe anyone an explanation for the way you live your life. Try as hard as you may, you will never have everyone’s approval.

Life has taught us well enough to know not everyone who pretend to care really does. Secretly, some are envious of the life they believe you have lead and not not the struggles you have endured.

It is always best to keep your business and relationship personal. Speaking the truth is great but speaking negatively about your life is fine. Sometimes you just have to lie about the one you are with to curb the envious and jealous nature of others.

Try it!! Either way you are not losing because when they do not know the truth, it is either they make up stories and or lies and others take it as gospel.

Think about it. Keep you happiness and truth within and keep smiling.

The Rainbow

December 28th , I packed my suitcase for a trip with no return date. This was owing to challenges in a relationship that was being stretched longer than it needed to be. My grandma had call a couple days earlier to express how much she missed me made this trip a reality.

On the morning of December 29th I went through the security check point knowing that the chapter of my life in Illinois had ended but I continued to play the role since this was indeed a scripted series.

Later that afternoon, I arrived in Kingston and enjoyed the evening with my grandmother. It was a breath of fresh air to around my mother who had been very ill in recent months and had now improved tremendously.

Durning the trip I met a tall and intelligent young man who was an eye candy. His wisdom beyond his years was very attractive . Finding an educated man in certain parts of the country can be challenging as most are married. He was single (not married).His personality was warm which led to our friendship .

This relationship broke the platonic boundaries and a child was conceived. The conception has been a blessing. Neither of us were concerned about our previous lives before we met each other. All that mattered was the needs of our unborn child. In order to ensure we coparent without a third party from both sides be decide it was best if the people dangling from our previous relationships were made aware and possibly removed……

to be continued