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Life is great, when you are being waited on hands and feet! Would it not be greater if you were just as nice as he/she was to you? Most women enjoy receiving gifts- chocolate, flowers, notes, diamonds or a cookie. Gift giving is not a daily requirement.It can be substituted with gestures. Nose,cheeks,forehead and neck kisses usually results in a smile on a woman’s face. It is OK for a man to be emotional and vulnerable to the woman he loves.  Lover her harder.



Women, It is not always about you. Your man needs to feel valued. He seeks validation. Men love when their partner makes them happy. A card, whether hand written or bought will put a smile on this face. A gesture as this melts his heart (yes they get mushy too) knowing his actions are appreciated. Be sure to slip it under the pillow or somewhere he will find it. Love notes are known to make his day.

On you way home from work, grab a bottle of flavored massage oil, rub his shoulders.  It might just be the beginning of a magical night.

Sex is very important in all intimate relationships. It creates an unexplained bond. Satisfying each others needs is mandatory.  DO NOT fake it! Share your displeasure. Try various approaches to make it better. If you do not make you partner happy their is someone else who is willing to do so.

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