Tears is a language spoken by the heart.
We have met people in our lifetime who are worthy of our tears and those who are not. Cry if you must, it’s therapy. The tears you shed today can be the beginning of a chapter. After the death of a loved one, things changes. The last month has been very challenging. I have met people who are mourning the loss of both parents, who died over 10 years ago. Their wounds seen so fresh. Days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are the worst for them. They bury themselves in work to hide their grief. A hug, text or “I care” from a friend makes the  day brighter.

Try to smile or share an encouraging word with the next person you meet. You have no idea what they are going through. A listening ear goes a long way.

For a period, you are down but with time your wounds heal. Similarly does the wound of a relationship heal. Men, never think that you are less of man because you are emotional. Be in touch with your feelings. It is always OK to express the way you feel. There is nothing more appealing than a man who is in touch with his feelings. Cry on someone’s shoulder if you must, to ease your pain.

As the pain lessens, do the things you love. Reflect on the person you are and who you intend to be. Focus your energy on self-actualization. There are always things about yourself that can be improved. You are never alone in this world contrary to how you feel when you are hurting.

I too have had my fair share of pain and heartbreak.


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