Mr. Grey

Publix was the meeting place to grab the ingredients for the evenings dinner. As he walked out the store, wearing a navy blue shorts and white golf shirt, all I thought about was the body under the garments. As he unloaded the shopping cart, I undressed him a million times with my eyes flirtatiously.

After unpacking the groceries, sipped Malibu on the rocks, we enjoyed the evening by the poolside. We shared childhood stories and life experiences. As the drinks disappeared from my glass, so did our clothes. I followed his lead into the water, like a sheep to be slaughtered. I could feel his arms around my waist. The warmth as he exhaled made me fluster. His kisses were passionate, not even the neighbors mattered at this point. Slowly he removed my underwear and my bralette. Of course I allowed it! I am weak to this man.

We gazed into each other’s eyes butt naked, with my legs around his wait and his arms around me. He led me to the poolside and scooped me up out of he water onto a towels he has placed at the poolside.

I was hoisted into the air onto the said towels. “Lean backwards baby”. I complied without hesitation. Slowly, he spread my legs and buried his face between them. For once I no longer worried about the neighbors- if they could see or hear anything. All I could think about was how much he enjoyed eating from the golden platter. He was spot on! I quivered and melted at his touch.

Beaming from ear to ear, I sat up slowly, kissed him and expressed my gratitude because he exceeded my expectations.

We continued our evening sipping on Malibu and wine respectively, as night appeared.

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