CSEC pass at 13

Thirteen years ago God blessed me with a rare gem.




Soon after her birth she became my handbag,  wallet, purse, pocketbook, which ever terminology you chose to use. She has always been by my side.


I remembered when she stated walking and her took her to Linstead to see grandma. She would walk around the  classroom in her shirt and diaper because she refused to wear a bottom (shorts or pants) because she was hot.


In September 2016 my princess was not performing to the best of her ability and was transferred to Ocho Rios High school as an eight grade student . This transition brought great success. Lisana decided to attend evening classes and sit English at CSEC level and obtain a Grade 2 pass.


Congratulations to Lisana and the staff of Ocho Rios High on their accomplishments.

This is only the beginning of your journey!


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