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In all my years, I have never been one with many friends, nor have i been close to many of my family members.

Similarly to my grandmother I am not lucky with female friends. The majority or either envious of the life they think you have or not happy with the life they have. The grass is not always green on the other side.

“You cannot wait to see them, and when you get there, you cant wait to leave.”

Family, you cannot chose them. Despite the pro’s and the cons of having family close, I am of the opinion that the further you are from some people, the better the relationship. Why associate yourself with people who are not supportive? Shed the baggage. There are also some folks that we call friends who never have anything positive to add to our lives.  Your work, appearance, partner is never good enough.

Do not be fooled by the negativity. these people do not want to see or know that you are doing better than they are.

Some people you just have to love  from a distance. Biological relationship does not mean you have to be best buddies, neither the number of years you have known someone. All that matters  is the impact these persons have made in your life. How wilt this person make me a better person?

How can i be a motivating factor in his/her life?

Continue to think positively and your life will begin to change. Remove all the dead weight and the negativity for you new beginning. Your reward will be a happy life.


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  1. So much truth to This article. We indeed need to jist love people from a far and have the power to walk away from persons who mean us no good. Thank you.

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