The Rainbow

December 28th , I packed my suitcase for a trip with no return date. This was owing to challenges in a relationship that was being stretched longer than it needed to be. My grandma had call a couple days earlier to express how much she missed me made this trip a reality.

On the morning of December 29th I went through the security check point knowing that the chapter of my life in Illinois had ended but I continued to play the role since this was indeed a scripted series.

Later that afternoon, I arrived in Kingston and enjoyed the evening with my grandmother. It was a breath of fresh air to around my mother who had been very ill in recent months and had now improved tremendously.

Durning the trip I met a tall and intelligent young man who was an eye candy. His wisdom beyond his years was very attractive . Finding an educated man in certain parts of the country can be challenging as most are married. He was single (not married).His personality was warm which led to our friendship .

This relationship broke the platonic boundaries and a child was conceived. The conception has been a blessing. Neither of us were concerned about our previous lives before we met each other. All that mattered was the needs of our unborn child. In order to ensure we coparent without a third party from both sides be decide it was best if the people dangling from our previous relationships were made aware and possibly removed……

to be continued

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