Truth behind “I’m just kidding”

The beginning of the revelation

Fresh out of school,without a job and not much family around. I journeyed nine hours to be with paternal cousins- who at the time was considered siblings. This was supposed to be my safe haven to figure things out and determine the next step. It was either moving back to my mother or being roommate with my cousins.

It was finally decided that this would be my location until a decision was final. During the times at this said family, my child’s father and I started to create a relationship since we had a child on the way. We talked for hours at at time owing the him being on vacation during this period.

My ex would continue to call from and sought negative attention. For me it was never about living a life where everything was handed. I chose to involve my child’s father then to shun him and allow another man to be called dad – who at the time thought he had more to offer my child then the biological dad. (Financially speaking)

One day a comment was made “Yuh caah set me up pan one a yuh ex?” I shook my head and smiled. For me, this was unheard of, why would a family member want to date my ex? I do understand that I have always been given everything I wanted but can you not find someone of your own?

This stay lasted for a total of 9 days not consecutively, because I was between my first hometown for the last four years which was 8 hours away from my cousin’s place.

During the period my child’s father and I began to plan our lives together. I was no longer interested in reconciling and having a live with a man who was sterile for material gains but with one who the world thought would not be able to play his role effectively.

I left for Jamaica in the early hours of the morning on a one way ticket.

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