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Rose garden -Minneapolis Minnesota

At the crack of dawn, foodie is starving. She watches him sleep for a couple minutes. Slowly, she pulls closer to his body for warmth,with a beaming smile. Then, she sits up in bed and uses her finger to play with his lashes.

Most definitely, by now he is starting to stir in bed and awaken from his sleep. Once his eyes are opened,she buries his face with kisses. This is not just because she is hungry, it the routine developed owing to the level of admiration.

Good morning is exchanged and the affection continued . “I’m famished honey” , stated the Mrs G.

“Baby it is 4am, what would you like to eat”.

“Perhaps cereal with warmed milk.”

He climbed out of bed, to prepare a meal for the woman whom he adores.

A couple minutes later the cereal bowl was empty and they both went back to sleep.

Life and happiness is never about the material gains. It is about the people you are surrounded by and their appreciation. Some men and women are in better financial positions than others but do not be too quick to chose them over someone who loves you despite your flaws.

At the end of the day, there is no better feeling than being with the one you love and you are happy. Not to worry, two people working together towards a common goal will reap the results.

Sow your seeds together.Later you will be rewarded.

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