White River

“Come to Jamaica and feel alright” This is one of the most common lines used in ads by several entities in the tourism industry.

Chukka Adrinalibe Outpost, St Mary should be at the top of your list! The activities available includes blue hole, tubing, zip and buggy.

Blue hole

One of many mini waterfalls…water was cold


Of all the activities, zip was my favorite. The lines at the park are better than most if not all offered on the island. One of the longest zip lines run over the river. It is a beautiful experience.

After completing all the activities lunch was included -rum punch, rice and bean with jerked chicken.

The group size determines what activity is next because the buggies are limited. If you intent to drive be sure to have your drivers license.

Take a trip to Chukka White river adventure park.

Thank me later.

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