Turning Tables

Let us reflect on where we are in life. Look at all the things you have accomplished so far? Does it gives you a sense of pride? I bet it does.

Over the years you might have various experiences to be where you are now. Think if the unkind people that you have encountered. The ones who have hit below the belt. Some people have a tendency to kick a man when he is down. t

Where is your humanity. Before you utter an unkind word, think, how you would have felt if the shoe was on the other foot. Life can be very easy once we stop making it complicated.

I remember when I was younger and lived with my mother for a while, I was the black sheep. Years later my life made a turn 360 and i was in a position that i could be of assistance. The help offered would seem as a lifetime opportunity by other – I did not cover it financially but was the route to the change.

Dwell not on your lows, but instead keep your eyes on your dreams and aspirations. Despite the unkind people in this world, who constantly remind you of your lows, keep pushing. Wherever you are now in life now is not permanent, it is temporary.

The stone that the builder refuses will ALWAYs be the head corner stone.

YOUR DAY WILL COME!! It might not be today but it will come

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